Joseph H. Pilates – The Pilates Method

The Pilates Method of body conditioning was developed nearly a century ago by German physical trainer, Joseph H. Pilates, to strengthen the body and condition the mind. Pilates was plagued by sickness as a child and his method sprang from his determination to strengthen his frail body while promoting physical well-being to hundreds of dedicated students over the course of decades. He affectionately referred to his methods as the art of “Contrology,” which refers to his unique approach of using the mind to master the body.

Pilates-based conditioning facilitates superior movement with concentrated mental agility. Through refined practice and focused alignment, deep breathing is coordinated with each movement encouraging abdominal support of the spine, torso, and limbs as well as increasing oxygen uptake. It’s renowned for its ability to improve posture, flexibility, and balance while producing a tenacity and endurance that can hardly be rivaled by traditional exercise. The routine itself has been carefully designed to increase core strength and elongate muscles; the beautiful result is a lean, strong body type similar to that of a professional dancer.

“The Mind Itself Builds the Body”

As any successful athlete would agree, strength of mind is equal to strength of body. In sports, work, or even daily life, being “in the zone” describes a seamless connection between mind and body that produces clear concentration with enhanced physical ability. By emphasizing complete concentration, proper breathing, and correct spinal/pelvic alignment, Pilates’ fitness trains you to further integrate mind and body and to harness this synergy as a routine practice. Pilates is referred to as the “science of control,” and is a unique type of non-impact exercise that can be beneficial to a wide array of otherwise differing people. Whether young or old, active or recovering, in good shape, or trying to get back on track, Pilates is a regimen that has something to offer everyone and specifically aims to tone both mind and body in equal measures.


  • Develops a strong “core” or body center, thus flattening/firming the abdominal area
  • Helps build strength and lean muscles without bulking effect; gives longer & sleeker appearance
  • Heightens body awareness & coordination
  • Promotes flexibility & agility
  • Teaches good posture & graceful movement
  • Strengthens and stretches simultaneously, promoting the rehydration of connective tissues and joints while helping develop muscle mass and bone density, effectively reversing the effects of aging from the inside out
  • Finish workout feeling relaxed with increased energy
  • And many more!