Just getting started with Pilates? We offer a rigorous, fast-paced series of courses that teach the fundamentals and establish students with the life-long knowledge necessary to become proficient in the best practices of Pilates. In addition to improving your physical health and wellbeing through concentrated exercise, you’ll get to work with dedicated trainers while doing it, and additionally meet new like-minded people as you advance on to semi private classes, or hone in on private sessions with specific fitness goals in mind.

In order to get the most out of Pilates, every beginner will start with the course laid out below:

Session One: New students will begin with a comprehensive fifty-minute assessment and individual fitness evaluation. It will act as an open consultation of your fitness goals, and an introduction to the basic principles of Pilates so that you can build a solid foundation to achieve core strength, flexibility, better posture, and pain relief.

Sessions Two – Four: The next introductory sessions will build onto the fundamental principals learned from the first session and begin to put your fitness goals into action. As you progress, you’ll become increasingly with routine exercises, start integrating proper breathing techniques and learn essential body positioning skills alongside essential mental conditioning skills.

Sessions 5-8: Now having introductory knowledge of the fundamentals, you’ll practice a more regular series of routines while still being carefully guided by an instructor. These sessions will more closely resemble the sessions you can come to expect in the future, and after finishing session eight, you’ll have the option to book semi-private sessions with groups of two to three or vary your session regimens with intensive equipment. Finishing these sessions acts as a point of reflection for individual fitness plans and allow increasingly aware students to expand their goals with the new knowledge that they’ve worked hard to acquire.

To get started with your fitness goals and to immerse yourself in the art of Pilates, head over to our contact page and ask about our appointment booking schedule.